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Jodo Gyan Workshop

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With the objective of making learning enjoyable and equipping teachers with innovative teaching practices, the teachers from DPS Greater Faridabad and its Junior Wing, DPS Surajkund, attended a workshop on ‘Building Number Sense.’ The workshop was organized by the Jodo Gyan team on July 3, 2023, at DPS Surajkund. The workshop precisely laid emphasis on Foundational Numeracy which develops through a process of engagement in purposeful activities. Ms. Anuradha and Ms. Pooja were the eminent resource persons. They contributed to the understanding of play-way curriculum that focuses on contextual learning and meaningful mathematical explorations. They also gave an insight into the way children perceive numbers and how educators can facilitate them in building their understanding of numbers and mathematical thinking. Number and number sense, counting activities, Mathematical games, early shape sense and use of stories and context were the key modules discussed during the session. In addition, various teaching aids such as Picture Dice, number dice, beads, blocks, toys etc. were effectively used for activities, which laid stress on student centered approach of learning. The specially designed learning tools were meant to provide hands-on experience to children to develop their understanding of different concepts. The participants enthusiastically participated in the session and were truly enlightened. The session ended with a Q/A block wherein the queries were answered, and the doubts too were clarified to the participants’ satisfaction.
It was an interactive session which not only enlightened the teachers but also unfolded the message that numbers can truly be fun, the Jodo Gyan way!

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