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Stellar Features

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Stellar Features
Reading Program

I Read……I Lead This program builds our students’ positive attitude and love for books, motivating them to build a lifelong love for reading. It gives them the exposure they need that inspires confidence and enthusiasm about reading. Our students would want to read more and develop the habit of reading for pleasure which leads to a lifetime of academic and personal success.
Class libraries are created keeping easy access to books in mind. They are fully equipped with age-appropriate books to encourage children to explore in their free time. There is also a time allotted for library sessions where children are taken to the library for a library experience. ‘Story Time’ is one of the experiences which is liked the most. Children are also encouraged to issue a book of their choice that they would like to take home and explore for a week. This also builds decision-making in our children

D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything and Read

D.E.A.R- Drop Everything and Read is a program for Prep till grade II. This program encourages all the inmates of the school, adults alike, to drop what they are doing and pick a book to read during a stipulated time once a day. Everyone can pick a book they want, just for the pleasure of reading with no questions asked!

SEE Learning Program

In the early years itself, children begin to feel various emotions and school is the place where they spend maximum active hours in a day. As a responsible and caring school, we feel that it is imperative for us to help our children understand and manage their emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish healthy relationships, and set positive goals. They learn to make responsible decisions to lead a fulfilling life ahead through SEE Learning.

SEE Learning provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence in students and their own selves

Art In Motion

Art In Motion- is our performing arts program which enrichens our curriculum and gives wings to our children to express themselves creatively helping them develop their talents, interests, and passions. It introduces children to a rich, age-appropriate curriculum in Music, Dance, and Theatre and helps us create an environment for our children where they are purposefully engaged and motivated to explore their creative selves.

Born To Move

In the Foundation years, the program enhances the gross and fine motor skills of the children and develops grassroots skills like catching, throwing, and hand-eye coordination. Yoga, gymnastics, and meditation are integral parts of the program.
To ensure that our children understand the importance of it and develop a lifelong interest in fitness, we intend to make it a lifestyle.

Lifeskill Program

Life skills are embedded in the core of our curriculum at every level according to the age group of the child. It ranges from basic responsibility, etiquette, lacing shoes, and buttoning up the shirt to home economics in everyday classes. Children participate in well-curated activities that mainly focus on these skills.

School Cinema

This program uses Cinema to impart lessons on life skills, values, and attitudes, and sensitize children to relevant issues like the environment, climate change needs vs. wants, and many more from classes Prep to grade II. It successfully enhances student-teacher communication through discussion and reflection.

Sustainability - Be The Change

Be The Change is a series of integrated experiences that our Dipsites will be engaged in, to educate and inspire them to become responsible citizens of this world.

Parent Connect

Children benefit the most when all the stakeholders- parents and school are in sync with each other. Our school believes in being available for any query or constructive feedback from our parent community that can enhance the rich learning experiences that our children get in school.

We do this through various programs that we run at our school. Parent Connect- This is a window where parents can stay in touch with their child’s teacher over a call. The teacher shares the preferred timeslot on Orientation Day every year. Walk-in – This is a window of 30-40 minutes where parents are welcomed to school every alternate Wednesday starting from July every year so that they can witness various classes running in school. The date and the time will be shared in the first week of July of the current academic session. Parents Day In- On this day, parents spend the whole day with the child participating in the learning experiences throughout the day. This day is organised twice a year, the first one being in July. The detail of the day and the date is shared in the school calendar and through the teacher. PTM- Parent Teacher Meeting is a window where parents and the teacher discuss the progress of the child. The dates of the same are marked in the school calendar and shared with the parent through formal communication.
Value Education

This programme aims at building children with the right values and attitudes which is important for the overall personality development of a child. Character development, personality development, citizenship development, and spiritual development form part of this programme. This is done through stories, movies, and reflective activities in our school.

DPS Greater Faridabad

The adage "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" reflects our belief in the essential balance between academics and sports to unlock a child's full potential. This equilibrium not only fosters gross motor skills but also cultivates valuable personal attributes like teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Sports, we believe, imparts crucial life lessons that academics alone cannot provide. Our Physical Education program is meticulously designed to support a child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. It encourages an appreciation for movement and the body's creative expression, fostering a positive attitude towards an active and healthy lifestyle. In the Foundation years, students engage in the Fundamental Skills Program, which teaches balancing, running, jumping, catching, and throwing while promoting hand-eye coordination through enjoyable team-building games.