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The National Education Policy (NEP) is a comprehensive framework formulated by the Government of India to transform the education system across the country. It aims to bring significant changes to various aspects of education, including curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, teacher training, and technology integration.
DPS Surajkund is committed to aligning its educational practices with the guidelines provided by the NEP. Our teaching practices are innovative, integrating new-age technologies, and fostering a holistic approach to learning to ensure that our students receive a future-ready education.
NEP's emphasis on a multidisciplinary and integrated curriculum will lead to a more holistic and well-rounded education at DPS Surajkund. Our curriculum promotes critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.
NEP encourages a shift from rote memorization to competency-based assessments. At our school, we are already using assessment methods to focus on a student's overall development, including their analytical, practical, and social-emotional skills. Our assessment is focused on learning and not on cramming.
To foster creativity and critical thinking, DPS Surakund from the beginning is encouraging project-based learning, hands-on activities, and collaborative problem-solving approaches. Our teachers are trained to facilitate a conducive learning environment that promotes curiosity and exploration.
DPS Surajkund is committed to providing regular professional development opportunities for teachers to keep them abreast of the latest teaching methodologies and technologies. We are focused on nurturing a continuous learning culture among our educators.
DPS Surajkund from its conception believes in strong parent-school partnerships. Parents can actively participate by engaging in regular communication with teachers over care calls, attending Walk-ins, Parent Day In, parent-teacher meetings, and supporting their child's learning journey at home.
Classes Pre-Nursery – II: 8:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

DPS Surajkund which came up in alignment with NEP 2020 is a Junior Wing of DPS Greater Faridabad with a focus on the foundational years of our children.

It is a Satellite School as it functions directly under The DPS Society's guidance on all pivotal issues and reports under the parent school to the Chairperson of the Managing Committee, nominated by The DPS Society every month on its functioning in detail. The school optimally utilizes the Teacher Training Facilities offered by the HRDC of The DPS Society and subject experts from the school are invited to train teachers of other Delhi Public Schools. DPS Greater Faridabad actively participates in the calendar of activities, cultural, sports, and academic, hosted by the DPS Surajkund. However, the financial investment into the land, building, and facilities is done by Hanumant Foundation.

The basis of quality at DPS Surajkund is the comfortable student-teacher ratio which is 10:1 with the following details-

Classes Montessori – II – Two teachers with two helper didis
For Early Years the selection criteria are based on age eligibility and readiness of the child for the class applied for.
For Class, I and II selection is based on a written assessment, previous school results, and age criteria.
At the time of admission along with the admission fee, caution money and the first quarter fee are also charged. The fee for the remaining three quarters is payable as follows:
First Quarter: April - June (Last Date for Payment of School Fee is on or before 10th April 2023.)
Second Quarter: July - Sept. (Last Date for Payment of School Fee is on or before 10th July 2023.)
Third Quarter: Oct - Dec (Last Date for Payment of School Fee is on or before 10th October 2023.)
Fourth Quarter: Jan - Mar (Last Date for Payment of School Fee is on or before 10th January 2024.)
The fee can be paid online, through demand draft, or in cash.

At DPS Surajkund, we believe that there are three stakeholders in a child’s life, Parents, school, and the child himself. To optimize the development of the child the school gives various opportunities like walk-ins, where parents are welcome to come and be a part of the child’s lesson, the phone number of the teachers is shared and parents can share their concerns if any on daily basis. Six Parent Teacher meetings are conducted annually to discuss the progress of students with their parents.

As a parent of DPS Surajkund, you are expected to identify with the school’s philosophy that centres around the holistic development of its students. Regular Parent Orientation and awareness sessions are hosted so that the parent and the school foster a healthy long-term relationship. You are requested to attend all school events like the PEC, Assemblies, Events, and Special Celebrations. With a rich pool of knowledge experts available to us in the form of our parents, we encourage our parents to share their knowledge and resources with the student community.

Day-to-day communication with the parents is through the Parent Portal. Parents can also communicate by calling the class teachers in their preferred time slot shared with the parent at the orientation time.

No. Parents do not have live access to CCTV footage. The live videos are monitored in the surveillance room and the Headmistresses room, however, under the discretion of the management, the recording is shared under special circumstances in case of any occasion necessitating discussion with the parent.

Parents are not expected to teach their children at home. That will be done at school. To reinforce the concepts, complete Theme Planning is shared with the parents which includes a parent handout and a vocabulary list along with suggested activities to be done at home to help reiterate the concepts that the students are learning in school. Weekly updates of the work done are shared with the parents. School is accessible for every clarification and support.

Homework / Supplementing Activities help to consolidate and reinforce learning done in school and allow children to practice learning independently and in different contexts. This also helps promote a partnership between home and school. Assignments are age appropriate and meaningful with a focus on practice. A written assignment will go twice a week. The home-based learning work is minimal in nature and never a cause of anxiety in its volume or nature.

The school does not follow a formal assessment scheme for students till Grade II. However, regular formative assessments ensure student evaluation and help monitor progress. Gap areas are identified and corrective measures are taken on the spot.

Continuous assessment is done throughout the child’s learning process. Formative feedback is given to encourage improvement.

A progressive school like ours is fully future-ready through a focus on innovative teaching and learning methods. We take the best international practices to foster learning with sound ethical values. We aim at producing engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable and inclusive society as envisaged by our constitution.

We believe that space is the third teacher. Optimum utilization space is done to encourage learning anywhere and at any time.

Collaboration and sharing of best practices & resources as well as brainstorming of ideas is done. The Centre of Excellence ensures that quality is kept in mind. Regular professional development programs for teachers enable them to stay abreast with the best global pedagogical practices. Our comprehensive curriculum with global dimensions accommodates the diverse learning needs of students and makes teaching learning a joyful experience for students and teachers.

The reforms in school curricula and pedagogy as proposed in the NEP2020 -. Skill building, capacity building, experiential learning, coding as part of the curriculum, and internships - are already aligned with the DPS philosophy. We are constantly actualising new ways to reinforce the same.

The school curriculum from Early Years is child-centred with indoor and outdoor learning, independent & collaborative learning. It is planned with a focus on children learning through play which is based on children’s needs, interests, strengths, understanding, and capacity. The learning is thus joyful, experiential, integrated, and flexible and is spread through our myriad modes of experiencing education.

A comprehensive and structured reading program with an emphasis on best reading practices ensures language development and makes early reading possible.

Personalized attention is what DPS Surajkund excels at. Our student-teacher ratio of 10:1 facilitates it. We have two equally accomplished teachers and two trained help in Classes Montessori – II with 15 children.

The school lays a strong emphasis on developing a holistic sense of self in each child. We provide a nurturing and caring learning environment in which children develop their social and emotional intelligence along with the competencies and life skills necessary for well-rounded growth. Pastoral care permeates all aspects of school life. To support this, the SEE Learning curriculum provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence for students and themselves.

In addition, we have a well-qualified in-house behavioural counsellor who is an active participant in the fabric of our school life. She caters to students who are in need of additional emotional support.,/p>

The DPS Society closely guides the scholastic and co-scholastic profile of the school along with the domain of teacher training. It operates the calendar of Inter-DPS activities, Principal Conclaves, Research Projects, Observations, and Assessments of the academic transaction, etc. in which our school participates with full enthusiasm and very credibly. Also, the Chairman of the School is nominated by The DPS Society & heads the Management Committee to which the Principal submits regular reports on the functioning of the school through meetings at regular intervals. It also oversees the new facilities of the program being added by the school, as being in sync with program educators. It evaluates and approves the selection of competent staff as per the performance norms of The DPS Society. We are delighted to share that the Chairman of The DPS Society, Mr. V. K. Shunglu is also the Vice-Chairman of DPS Greater Faridabad. Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Luthra is the Chairperson of DPS Greater Faridabad.

Yes. It is a recognized school affiliated with CBSE for running classes from Nursery to Senior Secondary Level
Yes, all the classrooms are air-conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children in the summer months. They are also well-ventilated and brightly lit to make the most of spring and autumn months so that children enjoy nature in the more moderate months.

The safety and security of every student enrolled with us from Classes Montessori – II is a prime responsibility that we take very seriously. Entry to the school campus is tightly governed by manned security gates and surveillance cameras are in place to cover the entire school campus, including the school building and outdoor spaces. All corridors are closely watched by a lady Floor Supervisor stationed on every floor. Security guards are always positioned at all entry points. Teachers/Lady Staff travel on the school bus to escort students in the morning and afternoon. All buses have cameras, GPRS facilities, and speed governors. The movement of all school staff and authorized visitors is closely monitored. Entry into school follows a strict process of verification. The school staff is under oath of responsibility and is fully monitored through the POCSO Committee rules. The strictest action is guaranteed for any lapse in the duty of ensuring the safety and security of students and staff of the school.

The school is well equipped to handle first aid medical care for students. The school has tied up with the closest medical care facility in the area for any medical care of immediate nature. The school infirmary maintains and updates the card of all students through regular medical check-ups including eye and dental. Any direction/guidance given by the school on the health and fitness of the child must be taken seriously by parents and followed up with competent medical attention intimation of which should be given to the school. To ensure the good health of the students and staff, the school has tied up with ‘Supreme Hospital’, Faridabad. An ambulance with a driver is on standby duty at all times.

Physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance to us. Research has proven that physical education improves the learning aptitude of students. Improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, mobility, and body consumption. Improves power, agility, reaction, time, balance, speed, and coordination by use of all senses.

At the primary level, it includes body balance, coordination, movement, and skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and catching a ball which are pre-skills for the actual sport.

Great care is taken in the way we recruit our teachers – whom we believe are the strongest pillars of a great school. Along with the requisite academic and professional qualifications, love for children, love for learning, and passion for the job are essential qualifications to be a DPS Greater Surajkund teacher. To ensure that we select educators with the right attitude, we have put in place multiple processes for the recruitment of teachers. They involve a deeply self-reflective application form, multiple psychometric tests, and three levels of interviews by experts. The process of selection is vigorous and requires lesson demonstration, written test, and several rounds of preliminary interaction before approval by the Staff Selection Committee constituted by The DPS Society each academic year. Understanding the best use of technology, and interpersonal and communication skills are also key skills of the teachers at DPS Greater Faridabad.

The school offers a fleet of air-conditioned buses with GPRS and speed control which ply on all major routes in Faridabad and parts of Delhi under a 10 km radius. More information is available at the school office.
Due consideration is given to the admission of siblings subject to the availability of seats and the performance of the applicant in the interaction process.
The registration fee of ₹ 1000/- is non-refundable and does not guarantee admission.

Under the aegis of the Mentor Club, an important feature of the school, we invite parents, to interact with our students on diverse areas of their special interest, career, specialisation etc.

Parents also volunteer assistance to conduct mega cultural events at school on a regular basis. Due respect and recognition is given to the contribution.

Our fee structure is transparent; no additional fee is required to be paid throughout the year other than the stated fees, except for any voluntary participation activities.

DPS Greater Faridabad

The adage "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" reflects our belief in the essential balance between academics and sports to unlock a child's full potential. This equilibrium not only fosters gross motor skills but also cultivates valuable personal attributes like teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Sports, we believe, imparts crucial life lessons that academics alone cannot provide. Our Physical Education program is meticulously designed to support a child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. It encourages an appreciation for movement and the body's creative expression, fostering a positive attitude towards an active and healthy lifestyle. In the Foundation years, students engage in the Fundamental Skills Program, which teaches balancing, running, jumping, catching, and throwing while promoting hand-eye coordination through enjoyable team-building games.