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From the Desk of

Mr. Rohit Jainendra Jain Pro-Vice Chairman, DPS Greater Faridabad

Our dreams have to be bigger.
Our ambitions higher.
Our commitment deeper.
Our efforts greater….
Growing from strength to strength, we have successfully created yet another milestone in the educational landscape - setting up of the Junior School of DPS Greater Faridabad, Sec-81 (under the aegis of The DPS Society) at Surajkund.
The faith reposed in us by the steadily growing parent community fills us with pride and humility both, for the DPS banner stands as a trusted symbol of quality and excellence, preparing its students to be a Community of Thinking Minds that revel in the joy of learning and add value to life with their experiences.
Keeping alive the tradition of excellence in all our pursuits, we endeavour to establish a dynamic, vibrant school culture fuelled by passion and zeal of a committed team that prioritizes academic achievements, and nurtures creativity, competence and confidence in the young growing world of Dipsites.
As an educator, I firmly believe within the portals of a school, the tomorrow is shaped today. Education - a fine blend of knowledge and instruction, skills and values, tradition and innovation should promote an intellectually stimulating environment, embellish students with empathy, empower them with 21st century skills and ingrain in them a strong sense of belongingness and connection. To further strengthen this bond, students from Surajkund campus will find a very warm welcome at DPS Greater Faridabad campus, after Class II. DPS Greater Faridabad offers a dazzling array of learning platforms that comprise state-of-the-art Computer Lab, Robotics Lab, Space Lab, Science Lab, Mathematics Lab, ATL Lab, Smart Classes, Art and Craft Room, Activity Arena, Play Centres, Libraries, Stellar Sports infrastructure - all offering opportunities for design thinking and exponential growth in all domains of learning.
The multifarious activities - horse riding, skating, yoga, karate, athletics, soccer & cricket bring to the school campus several enriching experiences, right from the formative years and widen the student perspectives.
We, at DPS Surajkund, immensely value our partnership with the parent community - to bring out the best in our children, by helping young minds and hearts to discover the beauty that lies in the journey from school to life beyond it.
I thank all parents for the faith vested in us. It propels us to continue to hallmark our efforts with integrity and constantly raise the bar of excellence!

Dr. Bindu Sharma
Principal, DPS Greater Faridabad

“The wonders of the early years are not measured in milestones but in the sparkle of their eyes, the warmth of their laughter, and the magic of their imagination.”

Welcome to our digital portal, your gateway into the vibrant world of DPS Surajkund. Here, we embrace childhood in its entirety—a community brimming with curiosity, enthusiasm, and infinite potential. Each day is a chance to revel in the delight of learning, forging friendships, and the joy of taking small steps towards independent accomplishments… where the solid and broad foundation for a lifetime of learning is laid.

At DPS Surajkund, experiential learning takes precedence. Every facet of our curriculum is an opportunity for discovery, exploration, and growth. Our thoughtfully designed teaching methods bolster a child’s cognitive, aesthetic, social, and emotional development, fostering self-assurance and confidence. These early years, a crucial juncture in their educational journey, aren’t solely about absorbing facts from books but about unravelling the marvels that education offers.

The school takes pride in its dedicated faculty, who play a pivotal role in sculpting young minds, fostering a love for learning, nurturing each child’s unique abilities with commitment to instilling essential skills are the cornerstones of our educational philosophy. We believe a positive bond between the parent and school founded on the 3 pillars of Collaboration, Consistency, and Communication proves greatly instrumental in initiating more joyful learning experiences within and beyond the classrooms, honing children’s holistic development, instilling in them a sense of self- sufficiency as they progress through milestones. Meaningful experiences created together go a long way, refining minds and hearts, creating happy childhood memories that mould their outlook and attitudes.

Together, let’s continue our shared responsibility of providing our children with strong roots and empowering them to soar high on the wings of imagination, wonder, and dreams.

“The actions of today shape the history of tomorrow, and we are its architects.”

Let’s script a tale of collective growth, new accomplishments, and the joy of witnessing brilliance, creativity, and connections blossom in our young learners as they carve their space in the world.

Jai Hind!

Ms. Ritu Jain Headmistress, DPS Greater Faridabad

Delhi Public School Surajkund provides a safe and fostering environment for children to transition easily from home to school. Our curriculum is based on the latest research and principles of early childhood development. It is developmentally apt, integrated and ensures stimulating experiences for our students. They ask questions, we see imaginative explorers; they play outdoor games, we see inspired learners; they express, we see curiosity.
Our progressive and futuristic pedagogy, with focus on experiential learning helps our young students not only to gain confidence but also to acquire qualities of empathy, discipline, sense of belongingness, responsibility and oneness, giving each child full scope to develop existing talent and learn a host of new ones.
Our Dipsites are happy and busy.
We are confident that our students will learn from the best, will become the best and will contribute the best in the truest tradition of DPS.

Ms. Supriya Bakshi
Headmistress, DPS Surajkund

Children are curious and innovative individuals by nature, this is what fuels their desire to explore and learn from the world around them. As responsible educators, it is our endeavour to steer and facilitate their exploration into an enjoyable one where learning is not only focused around school but beyond school - Learning for life. DPS Surajkund takes pride in creating such opportunities for children which keeps them curious and hungry for more. It engages them to explore and learn beyond their present skill, knowledge and understanding with a curriculum that not only aims at academic excellence, critical thinking and problem solving but also in building social, ethical and emotional capacities and dispositions. This will transform them into individuals with original thinking, good values, a sense of national pride and global citizenship from a young age.

DPS Greater Faridabad

The adage "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" reflects our belief in the essential balance between academics and sports to unlock a child's full potential. This equilibrium not only fosters gross motor skills but also cultivates valuable personal attributes like teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Sports, we believe, imparts crucial life lessons that academics alone cannot provide. Our Physical Education program is meticulously designed to support a child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. It encourages an appreciation for movement and the body's creative expression, fostering a positive attitude towards an active and healthy lifestyle. In the Foundation years, students engage in the Fundamental Skills Program, which teaches balancing, running, jumping, catching, and throwing while promoting hand-eye coordination through enjoyable team-building games.