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Why DPS Surajkund

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Why DPS Surajkund?

DPS Surajkund aspires to welcome students who are excited to receive exposure to a progressive structure of education that’s global and Indian in proportion that promises a powerful growth in knowledge, attitude and skillset of students who will benefit from its global perspective on education and whose parents/guardians are committed to such an education. This will include a wide variety of students whose individuality will be valued.

About the School

Delhi Public School, Surajkund is a happy and progressive pre-primary school that offers child centric education based on experiential learning. The school is a junior wing of DPS Greater Faridabad, Sector-81, which is spread over a sprawling and attractive campus at Surajkund, Faridabad. The future we envision for each student is of their becoming a conscientious world citizen, a learner for life and a creative, connected and collaborative problem solver. The Dipsites learn to look at the world from many different perspectives, through the amalgamation of different subjects integrated together and through the context of real world interests, needs and challenges.
At DPS Surajkund, we believe that every child is unique and we nurture that uniqueness through a stimulating environment that breeds curiosity, freedom and encouragement to pursue passion and practice of self-reflection. Further, the journey of exploration and learning will be enhanced and continued at DPS Greater Faridabad, Sector-81 after the completion of Class-II.

Proud to be led by The DPS Society

The Delhi Public School Society is the central guiding force of over 200-school initiatives within and outside the country, imparting quality education to millions of children. From its inception in 1949, the society has been a treasure trove of excellence in education.
The Society is governed by a Board comprising of distinguished personalities from various spheres of eminence, who have selflessly guided the society over the years to keep pace with time and helped formulate proactive policies in the larger interest of the populace.
The philosophy of quality education for all finds its root in the very reason of the society’s being and it has accordingly been the effort of the society to establish school in all other parts of the country to cater to the educational needs of as many children as possible.
The centralised governance by people of eminence and authority has helped DPS Society to maintain the highest standards, and to keep ahead with a vision of an enlightened and well educated Social Order for India.
With more and more centres emerging as a result of this education movement, The DPS Society has become the single largest school education society in the continent, and perhaps, the entire world.
The DPS Family – with its transcontinental identity, it is not merely a list of institutions, persons or facts; it is a network of values, systems and relationships.

"Service Before Self"


Our founding fathers perceived the act of imparting and receiving education to be a selfless one. True education must ignite the desire to serve others, better our world and willingly give in order to truly receive. Hence, the words, “Service Before Self” are proudly carried by the emblem of The DPS Society. By choosing the progressive green colour, it committed our schools to a constant striving for growth through new ideas, new efforts and new outcomes.

Our Focus Areas

  • Equal opportunities and respect for all students at all levels.
  • Inclusive Education with sensitivity for varying abilities.
  • Experiential Learning at every level in every subjects.
  • Student centric environment.
  • Self-directed learning alongside collaborative group work with awareness of learning outcomes.
  • Integration of technology into academics as a tool for learning and for innovation.
  • Life skills for life competence and life values for self-identity as Indian and global citizens.
  • Cultural and artistic excellence for joyous response to life.
  • Commitment to conservation of natural resources.
  • Strong awareness of inter-connectivity of life and relationships with positive attitude towards community service.
  • Practical life skills and vocational inclination.
DPS Greater Faridabad

The adage "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" reflects our belief in the essential balance between academics and sports to unlock a child's full potential. This equilibrium not only fosters gross motor skills but also cultivates valuable personal attributes like teamwork, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Sports, we believe, imparts crucial life lessons that academics alone cannot provide. Our Physical Education program is meticulously designed to support a child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. It encourages an appreciation for movement and the body's creative expression, fostering a positive attitude towards an active and healthy lifestyle. In the Foundation years, students engage in the Fundamental Skills Program, which teaches balancing, running, jumping, catching, and throwing while promoting hand-eye coordination through enjoyable team-building games.